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Car Air Con Isn't Cold: Causes + When To Get An Aircon Check

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If your vehicle's air con isn't blowing cold, then it may be due to one of six reasons. Let's explore the causes and when you should get an aircon check.

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  • Car Air Con Isn't Cold: Causes + When To Get An Aircon Check

When properly maintained, a vehicle's air con system will blow cold air at a consistent level. There should be no bursts and then drops of cold air, nor should the system only manage tepid or balmy temperatures.

If you notice that your air con isn't maintaining the cold like before, or it only appears to be using the fan, not the refrigerant, then it needs servicing.

The problem may be one of these six causes, each with their own solutions and costs. Let's explore what makes an air con stop blowing cold, and what you can do:

1. You Need An Air Con Regas Or Recharge

If your air con has used up all of its refrigerant, then it needs a regas (also known as an AC recharge). This is a natural process and it can be fixed by a trained professional. In general, that will involve:

  • Refilling the gas
  • Cleaning out the system
  • Inspecting it for faults
  • Conducting any necessary repairs
  • Confirming the system as up to date

Once it's finished, your air conditioning system will continue to offer high performance for another 1-2 years.

2. Your Air Con Condenser Is Blocked Or Damaged

Your vehicle's condenser is a vital part of your air conditioning system. It works to convert the hot, high-pressure gas from the compressor into a cool liquid. Over time, dust and dirt particles can accumulate here, reducing the efficiency of the condensing process and eventually causing a blockage.

If this blockage is not addressed, it may cause damage to the condenser itself. At the least, this blockage will prevent the condensed liquid from being cooled down effectively, leading to hot air.

An expert will look over your condenser when performing a regas or recharge, but if you're concerned about a premature blockage, you can reach out to a local garage for a low-cost, early inspection.

3. Your Air Con Fans Have Failed

If your fan motors break down, then they are unable to transport the cooled air from the system and into the rest of the cabin. As such, your fans may be spinning extra hard to compensate, but you're still receiving hot air.

This is often caused by dust and dirt in the condensing system, but it can also be triggered by electrical issues, like a blown fuse. Repairing or replacing fans is a service most garages offer.

4. Your Air Con's Refrigerant Is Leaking

Refrigerant is the low-flammability cooling fluid that maintains the pressure of your air conditioning system. A leak can occur anywhere across the whole system. If this happens, the pressure drops and all elements underperform – especially the compressor.

To see if the problem is leaking refrigerant, check for an oily liquid dripping from your air con system. Be careful not to touch any of the liquid or inhale its raw fumes, this is toxic to humans.

A small leak is often fixed by placing sealant over the weakened area. However, all the refrigerant may need to be flushed out and replaced. That's most common in long-term leaks or those which have bled into the rest of the system.

5. Your Compressor Has Failed

The compressor is responsible for pumping refrigerant around the AC system. If this component fails, the overall pressure of your car's cooling system will decrease, causing a noticeable drop in performance.

Compressor failure has a number of causes, but the most common are leaking refrigerant or electrical faults in your car. A skilled mechanic will narrow down the root fault and repair it, as well as replace the compressor itself.

6. There Is An Electrical Fault

If your car's electrical system is not working properly, your air con will:

  • Cease to function
  • Underperform
  • Burn out and need replacement

Of course, this depends on where the electrical fault is placed, how intense it is, and how soon you have the issue addressed. Blown fuses, switch failure, and a shorted-out blower control circuit are all possible culprits.

While these issues are often minor and easily treated, they can escalate when ignored. Possible consequences include fires, destroyed circuits, and acid build-up.

Get An Aircon Check At Autofusion

At Autofusion, we offer free aircon checks, so you can have the system diagnosed and possible issues repaired. If you're struggling to keep cool in your car, get in touch with your local Autofusion centre today.