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Vehicle Tracking Platform

Whether you are managing a fleet of vehicles or a single car, you want to know that you have taken every possible measure to ensure its safety.

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Vehicle tracking is one of the best ways to protect your business and your property, and with GeckoTrack Pro, you can monitor tracking and activity in real-time. This platform takes so many of the headaches out of tracking a number of different vehicles by presenting the information you need in an easily digestible format.

How Does It Work?

The GeckoTrack Pro car tracker allows you to make flexible report templates based on your specific needs. You can choose to set up scheduled reports, or you can simply use the monitoring panel to create them with a single click. It is so easy to study charts with message point tracing, zoom and auto-scaling, and you can use a scalable map with geofences, event markers and tracks.

You can set specific time limitations, interval filtration, and multi-level grouping and sorting to stay on top of your data management. This platform will help you to improve efficiency in your business and make sure that you are keeping your operational costs down. Most importantly of all, it will allow you to keep your vehicles safe and secure.

Did you know?

Autofusion is a leading Glasgow area garage offering the highest-quality insurance-approved trackers in Glasgow and exceptional service to drivers across the region so that you can reduce the impact of car theft on your business or personal life.

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Main Features

Instant Alerts
Instant Alerts

With Glasgow vehicle tracking, you can stay right on top of any changes that you need to be alerted to. You can decide whether you want to know about whether the ignition is off, whether there has been a battery disconnect and so on.

Worldwide Coverage
Worldwide Tracking

Our fleet trackers are not just limited to Scotland, or even the UK. Whether your fleet is heading to the EU or further afield, our technology gives you comprehensive coverage for maximum peace of mind.

Driver ID Tags
Driver ID Tags

Speaking of security, one of the most important elements of the fleet tracker is notifying you if someone is trying to drive one of the vehicles in your fleet without the proper driver ID. If this happens, you will receive a call from us.

GEO Fencing

With our vehicle tracking technology, you can set a geo-fenced location or area and be notified when any of your vehicles enters or leaves it. You have total control of this function, so you can adjust the vehcile tracking perimeters should your company relocate or start working in a different region.

Journey History
Detailed History

You can use our vehicle tracking tech to get a better idea of how your fleet and vehicles are performing. This means that you can analyse everything from acceleration to braking speeds, how well the corners are being handled, and whether your drivers have been speeding.

Live Tracking
Live Tracking

With our asset tracker, you can pinpoint the location of your vehicle around the clock. You will also be able to track your asset even if it goes underground or is hidden in a container, so you get the highest-quality service and can promptly get your business asset returned.

What Does Vehicle Tracking Offer?

Vehicle tracking options go far beyond offering you something as simple as a GPS signal. You will be able to monitor the performance of your entire fleet across a range of different metrics. You can track driving time, the amount of time spent idling, the fuel consumption of each vehicle, the mileage incurred on each journey, the maximum speed reached by each vehicle, as well as the average, and you can set up geofence markers to your preference.

You can monitor the behaviour of your drivers when it comes to both legal speed infractions and over-speeding. If you want to know if your drivers are prone to harsh cornering, harsh acceleration, or harsh braking, you can programme your tracker to alert you whenever this happens. You will be able to monitor the rest breaks and driving time of each of your drivers to make sure everyone is taking their required breaks.

When you set up geofences, you can be alerted whenever your vehicle or vehicles are moved out of the desired location, and you can set up checkpoints to monitor the efficiency of journeys.

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Why Does My Business Need Vehicle Tracking?

By gathering data on everything from fuel consumption to drive times, you will be able to reduce your fuel costs and improve your drive routes. You will be able to see which of your drivers are meeting or exceeding their performance needs and which ones are lagging behind. Using a car tracking device is about so much more than safety and reducing vehicle theft; it is about making sure that your business is optimising efficiency and providing the best possible service to your clients.

To learn more about how our GeckoTrack Pro platform could help your business and vehicle tracking in Glasgow and the surrounding area, contact us today. Autofusion has a wide range of services for businesses and consumers to keep them safe and on the road.