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Fleet Trackers

With a good fleet tracker, you can rest assured that you can have instant alerts and round the clock monitoring.

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The safety of your fleet is paramount, and every business owner wants reassurances that their vehicles are performing well on the road. You also want to know as soon as there is any kind of issue with theft or loss of a vehicle. As fleet tracking in Glasgow is our key focus, Autofusion understands the importance of choosing the right vehicle tracking solution. Here are just a few of the key benefits of car trackers.

Approved By Thatcham

Any fleet owner knows that no security measure is truly up to scratch unless it has been Thatcham approved. The GeckoTrack technology has been pored over by the experts, and they have found it to be up to their high standards.

We offer insurance approved trackers in Glasgow, so you know your insurance company will accept your tracker. Most UK insurance companies will accept the car trackers we offer, so you'll have peace of mind that your business access are protected.

Did you know?

Autofusion is a leading Glasgow area garage offering the highest-quality insurance-approved trackers in Glasgow and exceptional service to drivers across the region so that you can reduce the impact of car theft on your business or personal life.

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Main Features

Instant Alerts
Instant Alerts

With Glasgow vehicle tracking, you can stay right on top of any changes that you need to be alerted to. You can decide whether you want to know about whether the ignition is off, whether there has been a battery disconnect and so on.

Worldwide Coverage
Worldwide Tracking

Our fleet trackers are not just limited to Scotland, or even the UK. Whether your fleet is heading to the EU or further afield, our technology gives you comprehensive coverage for maximum peace of mind.

Driver ID Tags
Driver ID Tags

Speaking of security, one of the most important elements of the fleet tracker is notifying you if someone is trying to drive one of the vehicles in your fleet without the proper driver ID. If this happens, you will receive a call from us.

GEO Fencing

With our vehicle tracking technology, you can set a geo-fenced location or area and be notified when any of your vehicles enters or leaves it. You have total control of this function, so you can adjust the vehcile tracking perimeters should your company relocate or start working in a different region.

Journey History
Detailed History

You can use our vehicle tracking tech to get a better idea of how your fleet and vehicles are performing. This means that you can analyse everything from acceleration to braking speeds, how well the corners are being handled, and whether your drivers have been speeding.

Live Tracking
Live Tracking

With our asset tracker, you can pinpoint the location of your vehicle around the clock. You will also be able to track your asset even if it goes underground or is hidden in a container, so you get the highest-quality service and can promptly get your business asset returned.

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Great Customer Service

At Autofusion, we know that as a business leader, you can’t be watching your phone or tablet around the clock, but our team is on hand 24/7, every day of the week. GeckoTrack has operators on hand who will notify you the minute that something is out of the ordinary.

If someone does try to steal your vehicle, their team of operators will notify the police immediately, and they can use the trackers to make sure that the authorities know exactly where the vehicle is.

Easy Fleet Management

When you have a number of cars on the move at one time, it can be a hassle to log into individual trackers to get a proper update. With GeckoTrack TT, you can use one log-in to get the up-to-the-minute information that you need.

You can also create easily digestible reports for the vehicle tracking data you want, which you can use to report to your senior management team or the police, should a theft occur.