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Car Service: What's Included? Interim + Full + Manufacturer

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If you need servicing, repair, or maintenance on your car, it's important to know which package is right for you. With your average car service, what's included?

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  • Car Service: What's Included? Interim + Full + Manufacturer

Regular vehicle servicing is a core part of car maintenance. If you want your vehicle to last, hold value, run efficiently, and keep you safe, then it pays to maintain appointments with a local mechanic like Autofusion. With that said, there are many ways to get a car serviced, and each package has its own advantages.

As a rule of thumb, you should get an interim service every 6,000 miles (or 12 months), and a full service every 12,000 miles (or every 24 months). Depending on when and where you purchased your vehicle, you may also need to undergo manufacturer's servicing. This is usually necessary to maintain your dealership's warranty, as well as keep the car in its intended condition.

But depending on what you need from your type of car service, what's included? Does one package suit your needs more than another, or do you need all three kinds?

Let's explore the main packages that auto centres provide, and what you can expect from each:

Interim Service

An interim service is exactly that: a service that tides you over in the interim, or in between major services. It ensures that your car is roadworthy and safe, giving you peace of mind between annual services or before a long journey, for example.

It includes interior, exterior, and under-bonnet checks, as well as a visual under-vehicle brake check.In the interior, checks include:

  • Instruments
  • Gauges
  • Warning lights
  • Horn
  • Wipers
  • Interior lights
  • Seat belts
  • Manual clutch operation
  • Service light
  • Hybrid system diagnostic checks (on hybrid cars)

On the vehicle's exterior, an interim service will check:

  • Exterior lights
  • The boot
  • Fuel cap
  • The operation of doors
  • Steering and suspension (to ensure they're safe and undamaged)
  • Tyres (for balance and alignment)

Under the bonnet, an interim service will check the condition of your:

  • Battery
  • Wiring
  • All electrics
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake pipes and hoses

Also included as standard in this service will be the:

  • Replacement of engine oil and the filter
  • Topping up windscreen washer fluid
  • A road test
  • A stamp in the service book

These thorough checks are vital to ensuring your car is road worthy, up to safety standards, and topped up on all necessary fluids to perform optimally. As a bonus, this regular upkeep works to maintain your car's value significantly.

Full Service

A full service includes all of the above and more. You should book a full service once every two years to ensure your car is performing well, not enduring unnecessary wear and tear (due to hidden issues), and is maintained properly after a full year of use. This not only improves its safety and lifespan, but also ensures there are no budget-challenging surprises in the days to come.

Notable checks that are featured in a full servicing include:

  • A thorough look at your engine diagnostic codes
  • Checkup and regassing of your climate control (or air con) system
  • Health assessment of your power steering (and fluid top-up if required)
  • Checking the auxiliary drive belt (with adjustment if required)
  • Cleaning, repair, or replacement of radiator and coolant hoses

The under-vehicle checks in a full service are also far more thorough, including a full inspection of your:

  • Brakes
  • Fuel pipes
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Axle drive train
  • Drive shaft joints and gaiters
  • Exhaust system

As well as top-ups of your engine oil and windscreen washer fluid (included in the interim service), your air filter will also be replaced in a full service. This improves performance overall after 12 months of use and ensures less maintenance is needed by the time of your next interim service.

At shops like Autofusion, you can also save money by booking in an annual service at the same time as your MOT.

Manufacturer Servicing

Depending on the auto centre, you can also find manufacturer servicing. This package is usually offered by dealerships, but places like Autofusion make it simpler and more cost effective to get this maintenance performed at the same time as your other checks.

This type of package is ideal for drivers looking to follow the vehicle manufacturer's service schedule. What's included in this will depend on what the vehicle manufacturer has determined, but an experienced technician is capable of assessing the requirements and providing the necessary checks to stay in line with the car's particular standards.

Most importantly, we'll provide the stamp in your service book that will uphold your warranty. Find out more about our manufacturer servicing and what's included here.

Servicing In Safe Hands With Autofusion

Whether your car needs some interim TLC, a full checkup, or a manufacturer service, we're here to keep your car on the road and performing at its best. Check out our servicing page for more information, including a checklist of what's included in each package.