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Changing A Car Battery: Do You Need Mobile Battery Fitting?

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If your car battery fails, you can change it yourself with these tips. If you can't drive to buy the new battery, then choose mobile battery fitting instead.

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If your car refuses to start, then it may have a dead battery. In particular, you will hear the engine struggling to turn over, and this may be paired with a grinding noise. If the car operated fine yesterday, but is inoperable now, it's possible the battery drained unexpectedly or has simply reached the end of its lifespan.

Changing a car battery is something you can do yourself. So long as you can reach an auto centre to purchase one, it's possible to swap them out in less than 30 minutes.

However, there are times when you cannot reach a centre to buy a new one, or you may be stranded away from home when your car suddenly refuses to start. In these cases, mobile battery fitting can help. This service brings a mechanic right to you with the exact battery you need, so your vehicle can quickly return to working order.

So, how can you change a car battery? And when do you need mobile battery fitting service instead? Read on to find out:

How To Replace A Car Battery

To swap out your car battery, you first need to remove the existing one. Start by locating the battery and any nuts holding it in place.

  • Most batteries have nuts that slot into the battery retaining bracket.
  • These nuts will need to be removed, using a wrench, to access the battery.
    • Once each nut is removed, put it in a safe place that's out of the way. You don't want to lose one in the engine as you'll need them again to secure the new battery.
  • Before lifting the battery out, use a torch to visually inspect it.
    • Battery acid is highly corrosive. Any cracks in the casing may indicate a leak at some point. If this is the case, have battery specialists examine and replace the battery for you.
    • The acid may have caused further damage to your engine or the bay that the device sits in. These surrounding areas will need to be checked too.
  • When you've determined that the battery is safe to remove and isn't leaking, you can locate the battery terminals.
    • One will have a red lead that has a plus symbol next to it.
    • The other will have a black lead with a minus symbol.
  • Always disconnect the black negative lead first. This can be done using a spanner.
  • Never rest your spanner on the battery.
    • This can connect the positive and negative terminals together. That will create a current that can give you an electric shock.
  • Gently unscrew the nut on the black lead's clamp until the clamp can be removed from the terminal.
  • Using insulating tape or duct tape, wrap the clamp on the end of the lead.
  • Repeat this process for the red lead at the positive terminal.
  • Keep both the red and black leads completely separate.
    • You've made them as safe as possible by wrapping them in tape; however, every precaution should be taken.
  • The battery can now be lifted out of the engine.

How To Reconnect A Car Battery

Once the old battery has been taken out, the new one should be placed in its empty slot and connected to the vehicle.

  • Position the battery inside the bay
  • Remove the plastic caps that are on top of the terminals.
  • The positive terminal must be connected first.
    • Push the positive red lead into the battery terminal that's marked with a plus symbol.
    • Secure the nut into position and tighten it using your spanner.
  • Repeat this process with the black, negative lead. It goes into the battery's terminal marked with a minus symbol.
  • The battery retaining bracket can now be replaced, using the nuts that you kept safe earlier.

The old battery must be disposed of in a responsible manner. It cannot be put in with your household waste.

Garages, scrap metal collectors, and recycling centres will accept your old car battery. If you had the battery changed by a specialist, they can dispose of it for you within the same service package.

How To Test A Car Battery

Once your new battery is fitted, you should confirm that it works. This is most easily done with a car battery tester. If you don't own one already, they can be purchased at garages or local auto stores.

Depending on the brand you choose, the tester may flash green if the battery is charged or tell you the exact voltage. No matter the type, all battery testers will confirm if your new car battery has enough charge to start up your vehicle.

The tester will come with instructions that explain how to get an accurate reading. In most cases:

  • The red lead of the tester should be attached to the battery's positive terminal
  • The black lead must be connected to the negative terminal
  • Use the device to get a reading
  • The figure on the device will show as more than 12.4v when the engine is off
  • If the reading shows the voltage as under this figure, the battery may need charging

When To Choose A Mobile Battery Fitting Service

If you can't reach a shop to purchase a battery, or you are uncertain about swapping out the battery yourself, then get in touch with Autofusion. We come to you! With our mobile battery fitting services, you can have your car back in working order inside of the hour.

Additionally, we offer free battery testing, which takes less than 10 minutes and can alert you of any battery faults that lead to yours dying. The condition of the battery is also examined, detecting and repairing damage from battery acid leaks.

If you want to replace your old battery or maintain your new one, our skill mechanics are happy to help.