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Dash Cam Fitting: Cost, Advantages, And Why You Need One

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Dash cams are valuable for legal, monetary, and safety reasons. However, you may be worried about the expense. Let's explore dash cam fitting cost and benefits.

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  • Dash Cam Fitting: Cost, Advantages, And Why You Need One

Dash cams are small, purpose-built cameras that attach to your vehicle and record on a consistent basis. This documents your driving habits, any incidents on the road, and can be reviewed later when needed. From legal advantages, to insurance purposes, and even improving your own driving habits, there are many advantages to dash cams.

However, these cameras only help if they're properly fitted. Depending on the model, you can do this yourself, or you can benefit from professional input to ensure the dash cam is:

  • Secure
  • Properly angled
  • Protected against weather and collision issues
  • Offering a consistent feed
  • Wired correctly

In general, dash cam fitting costs between £50 and £70. This is a one-time fee, and most garages will check over and re-angle dash cams when your vehicle undergoes standard servicing. But do you really need a dash cam, and is the expense justified?

Let's explore why you should have a dash cam installed, and why the installation fee is worth it:

1. Different Types To Fit Your Needs

Buying a dash cam and having it installed by professionals, like those at Autofusion, ensures you get a camera that precisely fits your needs and budget. There are three main types available, each with their own advantages and downsides:

Front View

The cheapest versions are front view cameras, which are placed on the dashboard and used to record the street in front of your car. This is ideal for inspecting your driving habits, recording traffic ahead of you, and verifying how front-end collisions play out.

The downside of these models is that they don't have the ability to record anything behind the vehicle. If you're involved in a rear-end accident, they won't be of much use.

Front And Back View

As the name suggests, front and back view cameras record both the front and back of the vehicle. These models are slightly more expensive, but they do offer peace of mind that you're covered at either end of your car. When you're concerned about rear-end accidents, or want a better view of your reversing habits, these are ideal.

Cabin View

Finally, there are cabin view cameras, which record a bird's eye view inside the vehicle. These cameras are frequently used by taxi firms, but they're also useful if you share a car with another driver, need to verify your actions during an accident, or want to check on your driving habits.

Impact Or Parking Sensors

Any of the above dash cams can feature an impact sensor, usually for an added cost. This is activated when they detect sudden force. For example, if another driver scrapes or knocks against your car and drives off, the camera will begin to film, so you can find out who caused the damage. This saves you from reviewing long chunks of film and keeps the surveillance isolated to when you truly need it.

2. Recordings Can Be Used As Legal Evidence

For the average person, dash cams are extremely useful when deciding who is responsible for a car crash. In many road incidents, it's not always clear who is at fault. As such, it's often a case of one driver's word against another's.

However, footage from a dash cam easily resolves the dispute and can be used by insurers to settle a claim quickly. If the recording shows that the other driver caused the accident, you can be saved from paying the excess on your insurance policy and you're less likely to void your no-claims bonus.

Preventing insurance fraud is another major benefit of having a dash cam. If you find yourself a victim of a "crash for cash" scam - when fraudsters crash into vehicles on purpose, or make a false claim for a road accident - dash cam videos can be used as evidence. This ensures you're properly compensated and can help to prevent the incidents from happening to others.

3. Safety Tracking

Dash cams are also useful as GPS trackers in the event of your car breaking down. More advanced models use data services to connect to the internet and automatically store footage, so damage to the camera doesn't result in lost recordings.

As a plus, this means that road services can easily locate you if you're in need of emergency assistance. That makes it even more crucial to have the dash cam professionally installed, so it is mounted correctly and can transmit as intended.

4. Improved Driving Skills

Dash cams encourage people to improve their driving standards. By recording how you act behind the wheel, the cameras let you pick up on any bad habits you've developed over time. For example, if you're guilty of tailgating, being able to view footage of your driving techniques can prompt you to keep a greater distance between you and the car in front.

This is advantageous for younger drivers who are borrowing a family car or when friends are lending vehicles from one to another. Knowing that you're being recorded can make you better aware of what's going on around you and encourage you to drive more safely in general.

Legalities Of Dash Cams

Although dash cams are legal in the UK, there are caveats to bear in mind. When driving with a dash cam, be sure to research the rules of any country you visit beforehand, as they may differ from the UK.

Additionally, if you work for a taxi firm and share a vehicle, you should inform the company you work for and any passengers in the vehicle if you've installed a dash cam. Many cameras record video and sound inside the car, and if people are not aware that they're being recorded, this can be a breach of privacy.

Finally, you could be breaking the law if your dash cam is not fitted properly. If the camera obstructs your vision while driving and you're involved in an accident, you may incur a hefty fine and the footage may be used as evidence against you in court.

Installing A Dash Cam Professionally

If you want professional advice on the right dash cam, and need it professionally installed for the best advantages, then reach out to Autofusion. Our experts are happy to lend our insights and labour to ensure your vehicle is outfitted with the best.