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Do You Still Get An MOT Certificate In Paper? MOT Q&As

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The MOT test has countless myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Read on for answers to questions like, "Do you still get an MOT certificate in paper?"

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For the majority of drivers, MOT certificates are a mandatory part of driving on UK roads. Despite being so common and necessary, however, there are several misconceptions about the certificate itself. For example, do you still get an MOT certificate in paper when you pass the test?

The answer is yes. Official testing centres will provide you with a paper copy of your certificate. If you fail or get a "partial pass," then you will instead receive paperwork explaining why and outlining what you need to do in order to pass. Once you've passed, though, an official certificate is issued physically.

The testing centre itself will also retain a digital and paper copy for their records. This preserves the certificate and, since it's included in their online database, it ensures the certificate can be retrieved or viewed in the future by any parties necessary.

Let's explore other myths and misunderstandings about the MOT certificate, so you can better understand what to expect:

What Can I Do If I've Lost My MOT Certificate?

Since 2018, you can download and print any of your MOT certificates from throughout the years. These can be found on website. You will simply need the vehicle registration number and the 11-digit vehicle log book number (V5C).

This information isn't publicly available, so you will need to download the certificates yourself if you want to prove the test history of your vehicle.

Do You Need To Bring Your Old MOT Certificate To Your New Test?

If you have an upcoming MOT exam and can't find the certificate from last year, don't worry. You do not have to present your old MOT certificate to have a new MOT test conducted.

That's because the previous state of your vehicle isn't relevant to its current inspection. Your tester will evaluate your car based on its present state and judge it on this alone.

If the tester does need to reference your old paperwork for any reason, they can access a database and view it there. Even still, it's wise to keep your previous certificates in a safe place to save time and hassle in retrieving them online.

Do I Need An MOT Certificate To Tax My Car At The Post Office?

You don't need to bring a physical MOT certificate to the post office in order to tax your vehicle. However, you do need to have a current MOT in the government database. That's because the post office staff will check the status of your vehicle before taxing it.

If you have an upcoming MOT and need reliable service, contact your local Autofusion garage today. We're happy to answer your MOT questions and help you pass the test on the first try.