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How To Tell If A Car Is Taxed: Where To Check + Cost

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To remain legally compliant, you must know if your car is taxable and to what extent. Here's how to tell if a car is taxed and how much it should cost.

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  • How To Tell If A Car Is Taxed: Where To Check + Cost

Vehicle tax is a fee that all drivers in the U.K. must expect and pay to the government. Sometimes called "road tax," "car tax," or its official name, "Vehicle Excise Duty" (VED), this tax is paid on an annual basis. The money is then pooled into a central government fund, which is used for projects (such as road maintenance) that benefit all road users.

It's a necessary expenditure that allows us to keep our cars on the road — just like servicing or taking out car insurance. But how can you know if your vehicle is taxed? How much will it cost you going forward?

Read on to learn how to tell if a car is taxed, and what to do next:

How To Check Whether Your Car Is Taxed

To remain on the correct side of the law, it's important to confirm whether your vehicle has been taxed. You will also need to check that the details of your car are present and accurate, and keep any payment information up to date.

Here's where to start:

1. Get A Dealer To Check For You

You can ask a registered dealer to check the taxation for you. Dealers have access to the registration database of the government.

Visit their website and enter your car's details. For a small fee, you can view a history of information about your car, which should include the details you need.

2. Use the Vehicle Enquiry Service

You can also rely on the Vehicle Enquiry Service run by the government. This service allows you to view a host of information for any vehicle. All that's needed is a registration plate. The readout will include:

  • The vehicle make
  • If it is taxed and when it is due
  • The date of first registration
  • If it has an MOT and when the next is due
  • The fuel type and cylinder capacity
  • Its CO2 emissions
  • The vehicle's status, colour, and type

The service also allows you to view different tax rates for the vehicle.

How Much Does Car Tax Cost?

Car tax will vary for different drivers. The two main factors that determine what band your car tax will fall under are:

  • The car's age
  • Emission levels

Electric vehicles and some classic cars (over 40 years old) are fully exempt from paying tax. In contrast, other vehicles must pay several hundred pounds each year.

  • If a car was manufactured before 1st March 2001, it is taxed on its engine size.
  • If it was produced between this date and 1st April 2017, its tax will be based on its official CO2 emissions.
  • After this date, only the first year's rate is based on CO2 emissions.

You can determine your exact road tax with GOV.UK's Road Tax Calculator.

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