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Is Replacing Brake Pads And Discs At The Same Time Smart?

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If your brake discs are being changed, should your brake pads be too, or is it a waste? Here's why replacing brake pads and discs at the same time is wise.

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  • Is Replacing Brake Pads And Discs At The Same Time Smart?

When it's time to replace your brake discs, you may be advised to refresh your brake pads at the same time. However, if the pads seem to be in decent condition, isn't this a waste of time and money?

In truth, replacing the brake pads (even a partially-worn set) has advantages in the long-run. Not only will it improve safety - including the replacement in a single package saves the added charge of servicing and labour at a future date.

Why Replace Brake Pads And Brake Discs Together?

When replacing brake pads, the main hassle comes from taking the wheels off and removing the calipers. It's a lengthy process that requires both time and effort, especially if it's on an old car. Because of this, a large sum of the garage's service charge is based on this ordeal, not the otherwise inexpensive brake pads or discs that need to be installed.

By replacing the brake pads at the same time as the discs, you can save yourself the future expense of this labour. As a perk, replacing the brake pads early will contribute to the overall safety of the vehicle. Old pads (even those partly worn down) can result in damage to your brand new discs.

That's because old pads have a marked surface, caused by pressure from the old discs. When the new brake discs are fitted, they will not slot into these old grooves, and instead wear a new profile on the face of the old pads. As the padding gets eaten away, they can rub on the new discs and result in damage. This can speed up the wear and tear process, necessitating a total replacement of both components.

In contrast, when pads and discs are replaced together, they wear evenly and slowly. You can also expect better performance from your brakes, as the new parts work together for a smooth stop. Even the noise levels will be impacted, since the brakes are in-sync and will produce fewer vibrations when pressure is applied.

Why Replace Brake Pads In Axle Pairs?

If you choose to replace your brake pads too, always swap them out in axle sets. Otherwise, you risk having an uneven braking performance on one side of the car vs. the other. For example, if one side is left worn down, while the other side is newly cushioned, the vehicle may pull one way as you brake.

Replace Together For An Even Performance

As a general rule, if your brake pads are half-worn down, it's highly encouraged that you replace them at the same time as the discs. To combine the services and save money, get in contact with your local Autofusion for the best repairs, replacements, and tune-ups.