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What Are The Quietest Tyres For Your Car? Design + Brand

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Quiet tyres not only improve your driving performance, but better adhere to E.U. and U.K. law. Here are the quietest tyres you can pick, and their advantages.

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If you ever stand near a busy road, you'll notice that different car tyres produce different levels of noise. This can seem meaningless, or only a matter of personal preference on noise, but the sound that a car tyre makes is important. It has a bearing on its:

  • Legal compliance
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Lifespan

The loudness of your tyres is often decided by the manufacturer and the road conditions. However, the way you treat your tyres can also make them louder than others. For example, poorly inflated tyres may struggle to grip the road, boosting the noise they create.

So, what are the quietest tyres you can get, how do you maintain them, and do they truly matter to you as a driver?

Do I Really Need Quiet Tyres?

Quiet tyres are a wise investment, not only because they produce less noise. A loud tyre is one that has poor traction between itself and the road. This leads to additional friction, which:

  • Limits its grip on the road
  • Results in poor handling
  • Increases the chance of sliding or skidding in wet and icy conditions
  • Wears down the tyre faster

As such, swapping your tyres out for a quieter set can improve their overall safety and performance. Their lifespan will also be increased, saving you money in the long-run.

As a bonus, quieter tyres allow you to detect issues with your car sooner. For example, if your otherwise quiet tyres suddenly develop a thundering or thumping noise, they may have intense structural damage. You will then need to pull over and seek repairs. Other noises, like squeaking, may indicate that you are taking corners too fast. Here, the problem is your driving style, so a change can improve the tyres' grip and lifespan.

Beyond the tangible benefits to your everyday driving, however, there are legal reasons to opt for quieter tyres.

EU Tyre Labelling

The E.U. has regulations on tyres and their noise levels. This is meant to improve safety on the road and raise the quality of tyres offered to the public.

In particular, the new 2021 E.U. tyre label assesses three key areas of tyre performance. If a tyre design passes these inspections, then they can be released to the public with a label that certifies them as E.U. compliant.

Here are the key areas that are checked:

  • Rolling resistance – which influences fuel economy
  • Wet grip – which determines their performance in wet conditions
  • Exterior noise – which is based on the total volume of the tyre

The results are displayed on every tyre you buy. This helps you purchase tyres that are both quieter and compliant with legal standards.

To read the markings correctly, be aware that exterior noise levels are measured and shown in decibels, alongside a rating of A-C. "A" is the best (quietest) and "C" is the worst (loudest).

  • The rating of "C" meets the current legal limit
  • "B" meets future laws
  • "A" is another 3dbs below that

Keep in mind that any noise measured is strictly external. It's not the sound the driver will experience inside the cabin. Nonetheless, a quieter external noise rating will also result in a quieter cabin experience.

The Best And Quietest Tyres

If you want quieter tyres for your vehicle, which should you choose? Here are the highest ranking quiet tyres on the market right now:

Pirelli Noise Cancelling Tyres

Pirelli originally designed these tyres for the Audi Group with noise in mind. They've since expanded the collection to fit a range of cars and vehicle sizes.

While EU tyre labelling focusses on noise measured externally, tyres with the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System meet the mark internally as well. They are graded "A" externally, but noise in the cabin is dampened through innovative technology that reduces any vibrations which travel through the steering wheel and into the cabin.

Hankook Ventus

The Hankook Ventus collection features a noise-absorbing, polyurethane-foam, inlay sheet. This is layered on the inside of the tyre to significantly reduce interior noise. It's also rated "A" for exterior noise, making this tyre ideal for a quiet drive.

Continental ContiSilent

Continental's ContiSilent uses a foam inlay that reduces tyre noise by up to 9dB. This has a dramatic impact on external noise, but the design also halves the internal noise.

Need Help Choosing Tyres?

If you want a custom recommendation based on your car, its tyres, and your budget, then reach out to the local Autofusion team. Our experts are happy to guide you on choosing tyres, installing them, and maintaining your set. This ensures your driving experience is both quiet and smooth.