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What Class of MOT Is My Vehicle? Check Now With Autofusion

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Based on the class of your vehicle, it will need a different MOT test and cost. If you're wondering "what class of MOT is my vehicle?" then find out here.

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  • What Class of MOT Is My Vehicle? Check Now With Autofusion

An MOT test is needed on all vehicles that drive on public roads. There are exceptions, as well as particular standards that apply to certain vehicles, but as a rule of thumb, if you plan on driving it, it likely needs an MOT test.

However, not all tests are the same. The MOT test that's performed on your car will differ from the test needed on a caravan, taxi, or motorcycle. You cannot mix-match these tests, and each one comes with its own fees. That leaves many people to wonder, "What class of MOT is my vehicle? Which test do I need?"

Each type of vehicle is categorised into one of six MOT classes. Let's explore them down below:

What Are The Different MOT Classes?

Vehicles are broken up into different classes for an MOT test. This is designed to help MOT test centres administer the right checks to the right vehicles. After all, a motorcycle has different mechanical requirements than a heavy goods vehicle.

Likewise, tests conducted on larger and more complex vehicles will require more time and expertise than those on a standard car. The centres need to accommodate this properly.

As such, your vehicle will be classed as one of the following:

Class 1

This class is primarily for small motorbikes that are up to 200 cc, or for motorbikes with sidecars up to 200 cc.

Class 2

Class 2 includes any kind of motorbikes (with or without sidecars) that are over 200 cc.

Class 3

A Class 3 is intended for unique three-wheeled vehicles that weigh up to 450 kg.

Class 4

Class 4 is the most common category, as it includes average road vehicles:

  • Cars (with up to eight passenger seats)
  • Three-wheeled vehicles over 450 kg
  • Motor caravans (such as campers, RVs, or motorhomes)
  • Service vehicles such as ambulances and taxis
  • Private passenger vehicles (up to 12 passenger seats)
  • Goods and services vehicles with a gross weight of up to 3,000 kg

Class 5

Class 5 contains more sophisticated vehicles on a larger scale:

  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (13-16 passenger seats)
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (over 16 passenger seats)
  • Playbuses
  • Coaches

Class 4 vehicles with 9-12 passenger seats and Class 5 vehicles with over 13 passenger seats (which also require a seatbelt check) are classed as a Class 4a or Class 5a, respectively.

Class 7

There is no Class 6 in a U.K. MOT, so it skips to Class 7. This covers goods and services vehicles with a gross weight of between 3,001 kg and 3,500 kg

If you're looking to find centres near you for a Class 7 MOT check, check out our Class 7 listing for Autofusion garages that are able to accommodate larger vehicles.

The "Annual Test"

For vehicles over 3,500 kg (or 3.5 tonnes), there's a separate test known as the Annual Test. Any tests conducted on these vehicles must be handled by an Authorised Test Facility (ATF) or at the DVSA test station. Due to their larger size, an Annual Test cannot be done at a local repair centre.

When Does My Vehicle Need An MOT?

You are legally required to put your vehicle through an MOT test once a year if:

  • Your standard vehicle is three years or older
  • Your ambulance, taxi, minibus, or playbus is one or more years old

This is designed to check and confirm that all vehicles on the road meet the minimum safety requirements.

Is My Van Class 4 or 7?

These classifications are decided based on gross weight or maximum laden weight. This entails the total weight that its chassis can hold. You may find this referred to as the MAM (maximum authorised mass) or GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight).

A Class 7 van is unlikely to weigh 3.5 tonnes, but its chassis is usually designed to carry up to 3.5 tonnes (including the van itself). You can verify this by checking your owner's manual or the sticker by the driver's door.

Book An MOT Check

If your vehicle has need for an MOT test, get reliable help and testing at your local Autofusion centre. Visit our website to book an appointment, call us for insight and advice about the class of your vehicle, or browse our information pages for more information. We're here to make keeping your vehicles safe and legally compliant a stress-free experience.