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How Long Does A Car Service Take? Kinds + Price + Time

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The tasks involved in servicing a car will range from minor upkeep to serious repairs or even replacements. So, how long does a car service take in practice?

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  • How Long Does A Car Service Take? Kinds + Price + Time

The time needed to service a car will vary widely. It depends on:

  • Which kind of servicing you've chosen (full, interim, or manufacturer's)
  • How much time has passed between servicing (longer periods can result in more damage to the car and, thus, more work that's needed)
  • If your car needs upkeep, basic repairs, or full replacements (the more in-depth the work, the longer it takes)
  • When you drop off the car (and, thus, how soon a mechanic can get to it. Dropping your car off mid-day, for example, can result in a longer queue before your vehicle can be reached).
  • How much time your appointment has allotted for (if your car needs additional work that takes longer, then your appointment may be stretched over days, instead of a few hours, as the mechanic finds additional slots for it).
  • How many cars are in the queue ahead of yours (if you don't set an appointment, the garage will need to service vehicles on a "first come, first serve" basis).
  • How quickly you need to car back (some garages will work to prioritize your vehicle if you need it serviced right away, though this may come at an additional cost).
  • The size of the garage and its number of mechanics (more equipment and more hands can result in faster work).

As you can see, there is no standard amount of time for servicing a vehicle. It will depend on how many of the above factors are in play.

For example, if you get your car into the shop early in the day and it only requires an oil change, you may be in and out within 10-20 minutes. However, if you need full servicing and this results in major repairs to a car that is rarely serviced, it can take days to complete the job.

With that in mind, how long does a car service take on average?

How Quick Can Autofusion Service A Car?

Every garage is subject to the factors listed above, no matter their size or expertise. However, we at Autofusion do work to limit the amount of waiting time our customers need to experience.

In part, this is accomplished by operating on a day-slot model, where customers are able to drop their cars off at the beginning of the day (usually 8:30) and collect them when the work is done. Even though many cars aren't seen to immediately, having access to them at the beginning of the day leaves ample time for:

  • Evaluating their needs
  • Delegating the correct work
  • Sourcing any parts or components early
  • Servicing them in between other time slots
  • Performing any other remedial work that may need to be done

For example, a part may be flagged as in need of replacement during a service. Our technicians will then have time to call you, confirm any remedial work, and order in parts. The parts may even arrive before the end of the day, allowing us to complete your vehicle's servicing and return it to you that day or early the next day.

As such, if your vehicle is being serviced, the best assumption of time is that you'll drop it off in the morning and collect it at the end of the day. If the work is finished sooner, our technicians will call and notify you. If the work requires additional time, we will inform you as soon as possible with a new estimate on delivery time.

Do I Need Servicing For My Car?

With the possible time constraints in mind, it's natural to wonder if you can skip servicing altogether. In practice, however, this is neither legal nor recommended. That's because a valid MOT certificate often requires servicing.

Every car over three years of age (and that is not MOT-exempt) needs to have a valid MOT certificate to drive on public roads. This tests all of the safety-critical areas of your car. If any components are noted as faulty or insufficient by the test-giver, then your car may be "failed" or the test will be "paused," so that the necessary repairs or replacements can be implemented.

At this point, you will need to have your car serviced. Beyond an MOT, though, regular servicing is wise. It allows you to keep tabs on what's wearing out, what's fine, and what you should budget for soon. This saves you money in the long-term and helps you avoid fines on a car that's not road-worthy.

Book A Combined MOT And Service

For complete peace of mind, booking a combined MOT and servicing will ensure every aspect of your car is checked and your budget is preserved. You can either book online or get in touch with your local Autofusion centre today, so we can arrange a time slot that works best for your car and your needs.